Monday, 19 January 2015

playschool, two of a kind makes three, Pandemic, and role play

1 Izzy and Kes loved playschool today. Sand tables, circle time, painting, snacks and playing outside. Kes was pretty much done as the class was ending but Izzy really wanted to stay and play longer. Her teacher made this transition very simple, very easy.
2 One parent says to us, "One or both of her parents must be really outgoing!" We smile and reply, "Both!"
3 Pandemic was worth the wait. I loved playing it. Great teamwork and we won. Funny after all the card shuffling, there were two epidemic cards on the very bottom of the pile! I suspect further games may be not so easy. 
3a Each character has his/her own abilities either medic, dispatcher, quarantine officer or operations manager, and more. Every game we choose a card to determine what our roles are. It's interesting to see who leads and who follows despite their role.

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