Friday, 23 January 2015

Tula, scratch this, blown over, fixed up, Whiplash, and talk to me

1 Tula is taking up lots of our time these days. She's sweet, gentle and settling in quite well. She's on a bit of medication for pain from the spaying so a little more sleeping than might be expected in a kitten. 
2 Mr P is making her a scratching post. It's going to be unique because he's using carpet samples. A quilted scratching post. Pictures to follow after construction is completed.
3 The wind blows in spurts and gusts  and then Mother Nature takes a deep breath and the trees bend and bow low to her from the force.
4 A trip to the vet for a check up and we find she's in very good health but has ear mites. Poor little girl has to get drops in her ears and isn't all that pleased with it. Just a few more days and it's over.
5 Our vet is a lovely woman with an amazing affinity with animals. Soft spoken, gentle and willing to take the time to talk with us. It's not about time or money with her, it's all about fur friends.
6 Whiplash. Now that's a movie. It's also been nominated for an Academy Award and rightfully so. There's a plot and a made up story but really not much of a moral to this one. When the movie ends I'm surprised that I still feel tense from the drama in the film. 6a I'd love to hear feedback if you've seen it too.

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