Tuesday, 6 January 2015

snow, rescued, and oopsy

1 Yes, we got snow!  And we got lots of it. Schools have been closed for two days now and the snow has gone from light and fluffy to wet and heavy. Tonight's it's supposedly freezing rain.
2 Mr P to the rescue. He shovels and sands a pathway for the neighbour to get out of her driveway and get to work. He comes in afterwards, hydrates, changes his boots and is out the door again. This time he shovels our concrete section then takes the big truck and flattens our driveway (it's too long to shovel) and the parts he can't flatten he shovels all the way up the shared driveway to the main road. Whew!
3 I thought homemade lamb lentil soup would be a good choice today. BUT, I did learn a valuable lesson when pureeing. Never overfill or the lid and the insides will explode. I held on to the lid really tightly and hollered help to Mr P. He came a running, pulled the plug to stop the blender and never laughed, not once. I love him.

1 comment:

Leonora said...

Wow- lots and lots of snow!
Mr. P. has more self control than I have...Haha!