Friday, 2 January 2015

a brief synopsis of days gone by

1 We had company! My brother in law and his wife arrived in the early afternoon. They were a bit under the weather and a bit weary but we had a fine time of it despite the coughing and sneezing.
2 Our meal was an assortment of Indian foods. Meat pies, butter chicken pies, vegetable samosas and chutneys followed by home made mango lassi. Oh and though it's not part of the theme, we enjoyed apple pie and whipped cream.
3 We used our wine infuser for the first time. It's perfect and definitely makes the wine lighter and much more welcoming on the palate.
4 Monday morning and I headed to work while the rest of them slept and dreamt of a lazy day.
5 They had that lazy day. Some go for a drive, while the other read a book and slept on the couch near the fire.
6 It was cold. Too cold for doing much of anything outside without getting frostbite.
7 A dinner at the local German establishment and it was so very festive there. Our food was delicious, fast and exactly what we ordered. The restaurant is still decorated for the holidays and we watched a group enjoy their medieval feast.
8 More work and more shenanigans at the office. There are too pups that come with their owner to work each day but that day they were focused on me. I don't think it was me really, I think it was the bag of treats that were sitting on my desk shelf that they really were attracted to.
9 The mouse traps are set and one mouse bites the dust. Time for a cat.
10 We spend some time looking for cats on the internet, find the one we liked but she's already found a forever home. We keep looking.
11 Work shifted and I worked at the hospital. I love being able to change hats for different jobs.
12 Mr P and I started our 2 week no carb induction program. I think he's cheating but he's happy to go along with me and my new years start.
13 I looked out the window and it was sunny with some clouds pushing their way along the mountain ridge so I turned my head and thought of sunshine and warm days but when I opened my eyes again it was snowing! Gotta love Mother Nature's sense of humour some days!
14 By the time I got home the roads were slick and icy. It feels good knowing there's no place to go but to a chair to relax and unwind.

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