Wednesday, 7 January 2015

unbroken, on the couch, and fixed up

1 We enjoyed a late breakfast at one of our favourite spots this morning but on the way out the slush attacked me. My feet went out from under me and I hit the ground hard. I'm bruised and sore and grateful nothing is broken.
2 Sunbursts, or trying to burst through the clouds.
3 Thankfully the chiropractor squeezed me in after he saw Mr P. He did an assessment and stretched me a bit and we decide I'd better see him in a few days. For tonight he prescribed a hot bath, then cold on an off and then more rest.
3a Mr P is taking good care of me.

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Leonora said...

Oh, those slips are scary to say the least. You never know how you will land. I'm glad it wasn't too severe and the hot bath sounds like perfect advice.