Monday, 2 February 2015

a mishmash of posts

1 Our Tula is back to normal. After days and days of sneezing, coughing and lethargy she's finally gotten some energy and is back to chasing her toy mice, and little balls that jingle in the night!
2 Working through the weekend with people I really like means that when one of us gets a fit of laughter the other just says, "pop that call over to me" and we can and do!
3 We get hit with yet another snowstorm in the night and it continued for the rest of the day. I was glad to get a ride to and from work and I think Mr P found it fun to skid and slide around each corner, especially the ones on the steep hills.
4 We are continuing to watch the Oscar nominees for Best Movie with mixed reviews. Sor far my reviews are as follows: The Grand Budapest Hotel was unique, American Sniper a definite thumbs down (too much propaganda), Whiplash loved it, Boyhood loved it and Birdman yes for the acting, no for the actual movie (I think you have to be part of the Broadway world to know what the innuendos are about), Wild was too unrealistic in many ways. What have you thought of these movies?
5 I'm watching Tula with her little mouse toy and she's tossing it about in the air, chasing it and then carrying it in her mouth to the next spot. I'm wondering if I should move my coffee mug soon before that little mouse lands in my cup!
6 An early morning call to work at the Recreation Centre to fill in for a sick employee. 
7 It's nice to see some familiar faces as they arrive for pickleball. I take a few minutes to watch them play and realize it's a pretty decent workout for most of them. 
8 Time to sign up for the next yoga class. Because I'm working for the small city where we live they give their employees free access to all their classes as long as there is space available.
9 Izzy and Kes go to playschool with Grampa. He tells me that they both kept busy with all the different stations and that Izzy particularly enjoyed learning the months of the year. When they pick me up from work that's very evident because she's singing the month song and doing exceptionally well. The only month missing was November!
10 I have a chance to just sit and watch the snowflakes hitting my windshield. It's mesermizing, almost meditative and soothes my head.
11 A friend from the past is at the bus depot when I go inside to find G. She shouts my name and I immediately turn and realize it's her and it's a mini reunion. She and another woman are waiting for a taxi but since G and I are headed there we all pile into my car and have a fun quick drive together. 
12 G and I have a chance to briefly catch up and just share each others' time while she waits for her flight. Best of friends, always. I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

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