Tuesday, 17 February 2015

visitors, kids and more

1 Two days of training and I'm feeling confident in my ability to handle the job. A few tweaks and a lot of notes equals ability.
2 Theresa is a great trainer. I really appreciated her willingness to teach, mentor, advise, correct and cheer lead.
3 They are managing to get a bit of a grip on the jet lag. It's never easy when it's this big of a time change. 
4 Izzy and Kes come for a couple of night's. Sleepovers are so much fun with them. 
5 They have sniffles and coughs but manage to make the best of it despite that. What a couple of tough cookies we have.
6 The two brothers and their wives have an early Valentine's day dinner while we have mac and cheese followed by sugar cookies for our dinner.
7 Shenanigans at the switchboard. Nuff said.
8 A fun hike on Knox Mountain. The fog is as thick as pea soup in spots. We can watch it from our vantage point and eventually thins and finally disappears.
9 Sara has taken classes in nail painting. I love that she's so enthusiastic about life and isn't afraid to step out of her comfort zone.
10 It's Chinese New Year and Nick brings a little of China to our home. He's managed to get a few stickers for the front door into their suitcase without Sara knowing about it. Mr P puts them on the door while we are out and she's suitably surprised to see them there. 
11 I love how she wears her heart on her sleeve. It's so endearing to know such a genuine person.
12 It's G's birthday today. I'm hoping it's been a great one for her because she's spent it with her mom and dad. Love ya hon, happy birthday. 

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