Wednesday, 11 February 2015

an attempt at filling in the gaps

1 It's kind of interesting how when life takes off this blog plays second fiddle. Not forgotten that's for sure. I'm always grateful, sometimes life just  keeps me from posting about it.
2 A dear friend came to visit for a few days and we had lots of fun exploring our own backyard. 
3 Two friends were over for a visit and along with Mr P we had lots of fun and good laughs over a caesar or two, appies and an amazing curry dish that J made.
4 Mr P is busy with a variety of projects one of which is installing closet and bedroom doors in the basement. He's very meticulous in his measurements. I'm thinking it's a case of measure twice, cut once.
5 NIck and Sara arrive from China and Mr P takes the time to go pick them up in Vancouver. They're a wee bit travel weary and soon are napping while he's driving.
6 No tears when they arrive because it just feels too darn great to have them hear and I'd rather see them clearly than through my tears.
7 Two long, very long days of training. I'm glad the morning shifts are over!
8 B has an opportunity to move into her third position. She's obviously more than qualified and this new job will net her an additonal $10K! HOLY
9 The house is very quiet and still. I like to listen to the sound of the ticking clock.
10 Nick and Sara have gone to spend the day with Chris and family. It's nice to see the boys together, wives, children and lots to share. One big happy family.
11 I'm thinking it'll be fun to get this party started with my ItWorks business. Fingers crossed it takes off. I really do much better at these things when I've done a bit of research!

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