Monday, 1 December 2014

Sunday, Monday

1 Izzy was really concerned that Grampa wouldn't be able to land at the airport. As we drove there she made up an amazing story about getting a little red and white plane and rescuing Grampa if his plane was in trouble. I asked her if she knew how to fly and plane and she responded with, "I have my license but I could use a little practice!"
2 Mr P is happy but tired and cold after a long flight in a very cold plane. He cranks the heat up to 28C and we break out in a sweat much sooner than I would have thought.
3 Peanut butter bars for Grampa!
4 Grampa takes the grandkidlets to a preschool program called Strong Start today. He says they both loved it and that Izzy was a real leader, Kes was happy playing in the rice table and with the marbles.
5 Baby it's cold out there. -15 C Yesterday the sun worked very hard to push through the is what it looked like from our bedroom window.
6 The grand kids have gone home and the house is cleaned, and there is a strange quiet.

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