Tuesday, 16 December 2014

the day, mac and cheese, little, wrapped up, tea, how many more sleeps?

1 My birthday is quiet and gentle. The kids come for a visit in the late afternoon and we have a chance to visit and watch the kidlets play.
2 Kesler loves mac and cheese. His face shows all his emotions and the anticipation is pure excitement.
3 Izzy and I share the chicken noodle soup. She says she's happy to have a little bowl with a little spoon for little girls.
4 I love the look of a package covered in simple brown wrapping paper. Crisp, clean and tidy.
5 Egyptian licorice tea. A nice big teapot that lasts the evening.
6 The countdown has started. Mr P is laid off as of Sunday night. I'm so looking forward to having him home. 6 more sleeps.

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Leonora said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you!
Wishing for you a year filled with blessings : )