Saturday, 20 December 2014

cool, perks, hugs, stunning, magically hands, and stormy weather

1. The Coolest Thing About Gratitude
2 Working a half day and being done for a week! I purposely took off a full week to spend relaxing and having fun with family and friends. Casual employees get perks too!
3 I dropped off cards and gifts on Friday for my coworkers. How great to see them before the holidays and to get and give a hug or two.
4 Sam gave me a gorgeous hand crafted bracelet and earring set. So gorgeous I slept with it on! (ok just when napping but wow!) Thank you so much
5 The massage therapist did her magic on my back and neck. I was so congested it was a challenge to lie face down. She worked on my lymphatic system. Still stiff but better.
6 The rain and wind reminded me of living on the island. It seemed to come in gusts and every now and then I'd wake up from the loudness of the wind chimes, but it would lull me back to sleep as well.

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