Thursday, 18 December 2014

time to go, help, information, no snow, christmas presents, and movie

1 This cold won't leave. I'm tolerating it for now. If it becomes too annoying (it already is) It'll have to leave out the front door, and no lingering.
2 A new friend has had the misfortune of breaking her ankle and is shuffling around her shop. It is endearing to see her husband go out of his way to help her.
3 He gives me the information I need to get downloading again. Darn that man is smart. Thanks Mr P.
4 Lots of flurries but none of it stays on the ground. I can see the snow line across the lake and it's making it's way down, but not today.
5 Cinnamon maple candied nuts, strawberry/cranberry sauce, and melted chocolate pretzels are all made. Took much longer than anticipated but done and ready for tags, ribbons and bows.
6 Watched "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". Chick flick and pure silliness. Why not?

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