Wednesday, 3 December 2014

work, rub it in, what's for dinner, time, phones, surprise me, and G

1 Work, work, work. Between the three casual jobs there just isn't enough down time. I'm determined to make some.
2 We had massage appointments tonight. Me first, then Mr P. Her hands touched my back and instantly I knew she was the perfect fit for me. My upper back has been giving me grief for a while now, so this is a start to healing.
3 P made me some pies. Apple, pumpkin and two lemon meringue. OMG, what a baker! We had pie for dinner!
4 We enjoy our time driving to and from work together. With only one car at the moment we have to be creative and so he drives me, does his errands, heads home to help the neighbour cut a tree or two and then picks me up.
5 We get our phones at Costco because we really like their return policy. I've had my phone sent in three times so they said they would be replacing it but when we get there the replacement is malfunctioning. I'm starting to freak out in my head, when all of a sudden the clerk says to me, "Come with me. Pick out any phone you like and we'll replace this one." Awesome!
6 Mr P has a wonderful surprise for me when we get home. He really likes having a shop and the move to this home has left him with only our double garage for a shop. Needless to say he's cleaned out half of it for me to park my car! Yay, no more sweeping and scraping, no more hauling kids and groceries in the cold and wind. I'm so blessed. Thankful for this special man.
6a G, I sure hope we can catch up soon. I received a lovely card from my best friend and yes, it was perfect, perfect timing and yes, I had a big smile.

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