Thursday, 11 December 2014

Wednesday and Thursday

1 We work well together. So well, in fact, that we don't even take our breaks!  But I like it, it works, like us :)
2 The dining room and kitchen island have turned into Santa's workshop lately. Lots of organizing, wrapping and mailing. One package gone to China, two more to go! Great to get it all done.
3 The women in the gift shop hide the items that I want to purchase on Friday so that I get 20% off! I love how they are so hush hush and yet still do it so I can get the discount.
4 We put on a nice buffet tonight. Our little meals have turned into full on meals and it's awesome. Tomorrow I am on my own...what shall I bring?
5 She comes all the way out to the house so that I can sign the paperwork to get the new hot water tank installed. We chat, just for a bit and I realize she's in desperate need of an ear and hug. She gets both.
6 Mr P is off of the hook. The poor man struggles every year because my birthday and Christmas are so close together and I have often said I prefer to have them separate. Really, it's such a small thing, and he has such lovely intentions. This year we will do it simpler and easier. I don't know if he gets it yet, but I'm hoping he will relax and just breathe.
7 Kes has a lovely wonderful exciting moment when he connected with another little one and they were playing together. It was magical.
8 Finding the perfect gift for Kesler's birthday.

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