Saturday, 6 December 2014

Friday & Saturday

1 The roads are slick this morning and we see many cars unable to make it up various hills and exits along the route. Still we take time to drop off little chocolate advent calendars for the grandkidlets.
2 One last day of work then the weekend off. I am the only support staff in the office so it makes for a long but productive day. My final bit of work is arts and crafts. I make a lovely sign for the kidlets Christmas party.
3 Heading home the roads aren't much better. It was a night of freezing rain and very slick roads. Mr P likes to play in the snow so I bite my tongue when he uses the emergency brake to turn a corner here or there.
4 Breakfast with Santa
5 Izzy says to Santa, "I love you Santa," and he replies, "I love you too Isabelle, from the minute you were born." She suddenly is quiet and unsure of what to say next, but he quickly gives her a colouring book and chocolate and all is well again.
6 There was a magic show and she says her favourite part was when he put some ripped up paper into his mouth and pulled out this very long coloured paper. Kes liked the silver rings trick.

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