Monday, 15 December 2014

gripped, B, meds, healing hours, bday, voice and woohoo

1 Oh dear, this cold has me in it's grip. I'm resting and resting, drinking tea, and resting some more. I'm thankful for the peace and quiet of my home.
2 My friend, B has relocated to the area and is working at the hospital as well. We catch up over the phone and find out we have so much more in common that we even thought. How fun!
3 Medicine. Yes, I am very grateful for the medicine that is bringing some relief. Sorry to whine about my cold but hey some days it's difficult to find the positive. Okay, today's really hard, but I am here and hoping to turn the corner.
4 Twelve hours of sleep. Wow, that was amazing and healing.
5 It's my birthday today. I'm enjoying the Facebook messages, a couple of calls and texts and of course a visit from my family who brought me chicken noodle soup and tea. Love them.
5a Izzy says, "Grama, your voice sounds like a real Papa Bear." She means it's so deep I sound like what she thinks Papa Bear from the Berenstain books would sounds like!
5b Kesler is enthralled with the snow globe. It is definitely the train that runs underneath that he is drawn to.
6 Mr P calls and we have a fun and flirty (as flirty as I can be when I am sick) conversation. I'll be so happy when he's finally home.

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