Saturday, 29 November 2014

Friday and Saturday

1 A  freak snowstorm means we rush down to the store to get eggs and other ingredients for our cookie baking. But we didn't know about the scheduled power outage so we are again in the dark. This time it's 10 - 2, not too bad.
2 Their favourite show tonight is Justin Time. Very cute little cartoon with good stories and meanings.Justin Time
3 Our story tonight is Love You Forever. She likes me to sing the song to her and each time I do she snuggles in closer. Kesler misses it all, he's already asleep.
4 Sugar cookies with Isabelle and Kesler. They are both excellent at the icing part!

5 My oldest son comes for dinner. He's been on his own for a few days while the kids have been with me. He's greeted with big love.
6 A few minutes of quiet time to clean up and write this blog. I've been reminded of how valuable that can be.

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Leonora said...

So much cuteness going on at your place!
I wonder how young mothers find the time to blog?! (Or get anything done for that matter : ) I know we did it once ourselves and I remember being exhausted at the end of some days.