Thursday, 27 November 2014

Monday through Thursday

1 Learning the ropes at the Rec Center. Wow, great place to work if you like laid back. I spend the morning learning point of sale, checking in seniors for pickle ball and just settling in.
2 The house is warm when I get home. I only worked a half day so it was noon and the house hadn't cooled yet.
3 Setting the thermostat to do it's thing just how I like it means that it's 'perfect for me' any time of day or not. At least until Mr P gets home on Sunday.
4 Day two of training and I find myself working on my own. Someone has gone home sick so I'm tossed into the deep end again!
5 I love the Dollar Store. Always lots of fun things there and at such low prices. Perfect for picking up craft supplies for the grand kids..
6 My hair is shorter than I expected again! I think I'll have to be more assertive with my stylist next time. I like how he colours but he just can't seem to let me have it long.
7 The power went out late last night. Thankfully I woke up before the alarm and go myself to work on time. Turns out we were the only facility with a generator so we worked and everyone else got to go home! We spent the morning supplying the public works staff with hot coffee and a place to warm up and decorating one of several Christmas trees.

9 The grand kids and i get to spend time together. It's been a while since they've had a sleep over and so it took a few extra rounds of the song I sing to them. It won't be long before they won't want me to tuck them in so I'm cherishing these moments together.
10 Kes and Izzy go to story time at the library today. She finds it difficult to sit still but eventually settles a bit more. I think with time she'll figure it out. Kes on the other hand just loved the carpet that's covered in letters from the alphabet and couldn't contain his enthusiasm :)
12 The snow is melting and tonight it's warm out. Tomorrow the forecast is for all this lovely white to be encased in a deep freeze.

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Leonora said...

Beautiful landscape.
#6- I have the same problem! My hairdresser was kind of chatty the last time and as she talked, she kept cutting...and cutting.