Sunday, 9 November 2014

rethinking, building, forgiveness and junk food junkie (at least for tonight)

1 I like the way he's thinking while he's away. His focus is on being healthy, working out and not the monotonous routine of daily camp life.
2 A conversation. A conversation where we share things just between us and know that our trust is building a very special friendship.
2a Sometimes it takes a little perspective to see where another person is coming from. Mr P and I have both experienced sharp words and ridicule at the hand of someone dear to us. We have a choice, bitterness or forgiveness? We both choose to forgive; lessons learned will not be forgotten.
3 Nacho chips with salsa and sour cream. Could my dinner have been more decadent? Okay, I added a few pieces of chocolate just to be sure that it was!

1 comment:

Leonora said...

Nacho chips with salsa and sour cream decadent? No! I had myself convinced it was (somewhat) healthy. Although, I ate peanut M&M's for lunch today so what do I know?