Saturday, 15 November 2014

the week in review

1 Gaile and family are here for the evening and she's spending two extra days with me. We talk, laugh, eat, drink and shop, watch movies and give and get best friend hugs. Perfect!
2 Our early dinner was amazing, delicious and just the right amount for each of us. The restaurant decor is a combination of soft comfy seats, concrete and huge, and I mean HUGE light fixtures. I'll be sure to post a photo next time we eat there.
3 It's cold and windy but we quickly find our spots near the fireplace.
4 A heated blanket for keeping warm. It's been on a chair for many years but now moves about the house, warming me.
5 The sun shines so brightly that we have to close the blinds to see each other while we chat about just about everything.
6 Morning comes early and with it a sliver of sunshine through the foggy clouds.
7 The grandkidlets and I make chocolate cake with tons of icing and star sprinkles for their daddy and mommy.
8 Kesler slowly and deliberately spreads the icing on the cake and then all of a sudden his fingers are covered in icing and he plunges them into his mouth to lick every last bit.
9 Two grandkidlets with chocolate icing on their cheeks, noses and lips.
10 Another friend comes for a visit and we enjoy Thai food and green tea until we float out of the restaurant and head home to talk into the night. So good to catch up.
11 It's so cold you can see your breath.
12 I think I'm falling in love. Yes, you heard me right, I love toasted blueberry bagels smothered in cream cheese.
13 Voted.
14 The lady at the polling station looks at my ID and says yes, you're fine. And I smile and reply, "Yes I am fine" and we laugh at how that sounds.
15 The skies are a pinkish hue now but each time I look out the window the shade is different until it's just blackness.

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beth said...

chocolate, sun shiny mornings and yes, "you are fine."….i love it!!!