Friday, 22 August 2014

Wednesday through Friday

 - some days are just more difficult than others, but we make it through, we always do ~
~ best loves ~

1 It's been a busy week with lots going on, some good and some  not so good. So I'm grateful for family and friends who support, love and encourage me.
2 I guess that's life in a work camp. Exposure to lots of people with lots of germs. Mr P is fighting a summer cold. (Aren't they just the worst?). What's my prescription? Lots of sleep, vitamin C, hot tea with honey and lemon followed by more sleep.
3 She's lost 100 pounds this year. So proud of my new friend and so encouraged by her dedication and commitment to getting healthier.
Scribbles by Sandy Here's my friend Sandy's blog where she shares her scribbles, doodles and images. I love her creativity and the creations that people are making using these images in Scribble Challenges. ps I love the anklet! Thanks again S!
5 I need a distraction so I clean. I know you might be groaning but hey it's not for everyone I admit that but for me it works. Five hours later and many loads of laundry I put my feet up and my mind is still.
6 Back to running/walking. Yup, I'm back to it and as I get into the rhythm I feel my feet hit the pavement, the wind on my cheeks and the sun on my back and remember why I love it so much.
7 The days have been cooler for the past few days. Big stormy clouds have covered the skies bringing well needed rains and wind. Winds are different here, softer and with less gusts compared to the island where it's big winds and loud sounds.
8 They need some help and it's what I can do. So I try as best I can to put the house in order, get the laundry done and iron a few work clothes for C so his transition to work once they're home from holidaying will be smoother.
9 Ever have a song come to mind just when you need it? Today that song for me is from the Beatles, "Let it Be" I smile, shed a few tears and let it rush over me. Let it be.

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Leonora said...

Oh no! I know how Mr. P. feels : (
Busy hands are the best medicine for troubled thoughts. If my house is super clean it either means company is coming or I have a lot on my mind.