Saturday, 9 August 2014

it just didn't work out, fire, and snazzy

1 Two days in a row we thought we would have time to see the grandkidlets but things piled up and now again no visit or sleepover. I think we have one sad little girl. Hopefully Mr P will have things done tomorrow and we'll spend a bit of time with them both.
2 The forest fire is now 25% contained and there is a perimeter of 60% so hopefully this means that the fire will be contained in the next day or so. Lil Red spends a few hours in the morning and again in the afternoon doing water runs to and from the lake to the fire area. Most of the day he's flying over our house or near it. At the moment there's a break either for the day or for refueling so it's peaceful.
3 The security cameras are almost installed. Mr P's been working on it all day and now is configuring the software. We will know via smart phone app if there is any activity showing up on the cameras. Very snazzy!

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Leonora said...

I know! Don't you just hate to disappoint little ones?

I like the idea of that security system. We need to feel peace and security in our own homes.