Sunday, 10 August 2014

get busy Mr, chatterbox, sleeps, and peachy keen, love him

1 Days are always busier for Mr P when he's getting ready to head away to work and this day is no exception. He gets the security cameras up and running, (I like that he put one out on the deck so he can look at the view from home when he's away), truck is fixed and we even went out to Lake Country and picked up a new to us dresser for our bedroom.
2 The grandkidlets are with us in the afternoon and we enjoy Isabelle's constant chatter. I especially enjoyed her comments about the fields of flowers we saw. She loves pink and these were row after row of lovely pinks.
2a Kesler looks very angelic sleeping in his car seat. A tiny bit of drool slips out of the side of his mouth and even in his sleep he lifts his hand and wipes it away.
3 Peaches! It's that time of year when fruits and vegetables are ripening quickly. Izzy picks some large peaches to eat right off of the tree. She delicately eats around the stone then buries it in the driveway and is so pleased with herself because as she puts it, "I made a peach tree!"
4a Chris visits with us and we have a lovely dinner together. I love that son of mine!

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