Friday, 29 August 2014

Thursday and Friday ~

1 Work today is fun! Every now and again we have a day that isn't quite as hair raising as usual and today was like that. We have a chance to talk to each other and the flow is even and not overwhelming. A few new codes today but all handled well and everyone taken care of.
2 The skies are changing. It's definitely the end of summer. The air is cooler, winds crisper and some trees are looking ready to shed their leaves.
3 There are a group of ravens on the roof of the house making quite the ruckus. They're in the gutters looking for food but scatter as soon as the door opens.
4 Kuma and I got to hang out a bit. He's a cutie pie but not yet house trained. Lots of watching and lots of time outside! If you have any suggestions for quick potty training of puppies please let me know! Thanks~
5 It's difficult to be positive when a heart is heavy. Today it was my challenge to be strong, positive and present.
6 A feast of tomatoes awaits them in their fridge when they return from holidays. So nice to see that they have had a successful mini garden this summer.

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