Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sundays, sister, and "that place"

1 Sundays are typically considered a day of rest but someone forgot to tell the world! It was a busy work day, busy highways and busy, busy, busy! Home however was not busy, it was the perfect place to be.
2 My sister and her husband came for a visit this long weekend.It's BC Day and a stat holiday  on Monday so they are spending a few days relaxing and enjoying our hot, sunny weather. Sitting on the deck, looking at the lake and just being together is exactly how we'd planned our first days visit.
3 We find a bottle of Ice Wine in the cabinet and test it out. We are a bit silly, a bit tipsy and soon find ourselves in that place of laughing at everything. One conversation goes like this, "I wonder what kind of fruit they make ice wine out of?" "Oh yeah, grapes!"

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