Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The more you are thankful, the more you attract things to be thankful for~

1 While he's away it's my time to get things done. The list is made and lots of things are getting crossed off. I like it when I have the time to do 'those' things that are time consuming yet need doing.
2 Knitting seasons is approaching. My yard box is calling to me, patterns seems to jump out at me online. The question is, which pattern will win?
3 The pears are still hard so they can wait.
4 D is doing well. He often is out when I call so tonight we get to catch up on things. I'm sure hoping we can get a visit with him this year. I miss him.
5 The crows are feasting on nuts from the neighbours tree. They're noisy and messy and not everyone's favourite bird. Someone shoot a gun, not sure what kind but the noise is a loud boom and for a little while at least the birds go elsewhere.
6 Betty was a good neighbour. She was elderly and ill but whenever she could she would be out walking on our quiet street with her walker and smile firmly in place. She passed recently, I'll miss her.
7 The farmers market it out of the question! Too much rain makes for a soggy venture.
8 The three of us head to the beach. Oops, did I blow it! I read the tide table wrong and we had very little beach to explore or walk on. On the flip side, we did manage to get in a good walk and had fun scrambling over logs and branches and even found an old abandoned cabin.
9 The third heron is sold. What a lovely collection they will have. I'm looking forward to seeing it all displayed in their foyer.
10 A pot of soup is in the making. The chicken carcass is in the pot and soon it'll be time for the vegetables. Fall really is the time for soup.
11 Should I make some homemade bread for myself? The answer is yes! As long as there is enough physical exercise to equalize it.
12 How great to find a nice surprise on my camera. Most of my photos were duds yesterday but this one I like. After the storm there are collections of stuff on the beach. This was my favourite.

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