Saturday, 14 September 2013

growing up, food for thought, and date

1 Our community has been experiencing growing pains over urban agriculture. A dispute has brought this to the forefront about three years ago and it's turned into a community issue that's morphed into bylaws and regulations. What should be so simple is so big that the council is bringing in consultants and resource people to try to mitigate further damage and to work to create the necessary or unnecessary paperwork.
2 The Harvest Market is the first one that has happened in Nanaimo. There is food, music, vendors but the bulk of the tables are displaying information on food, growing food, food protests, food unions, food community gardens and even a food society that teaches people how to cook.
3 I notice a friend of mine sitting in the audience with an older gentleman watching the fiddlers play. She gets up and as she passes me she smiles this knowing smile and I realize she's on a date! No words, just a nod and a smile. She's excited!

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