Sunday, 15 September 2013

market time, selection, and maze of roads, G

1 The farmer's market is busy with vendors, customers, children running and playing, dogs sniffing, bees buzzing and clouds hovering overhead.
2 Before we know it our bag is full of goodies like gluten free breads, licorice, corn on the cob (just picked this morning we are told), a jar of mixed nut butters, and two types of sausages.
3 The road that takes us back to the freeway is in the other direction so we decide to take a tour of the area before we head back. There are some gorgeous homes on the waterfront, little shacks, long driveways that hide houses and even a marina at the end of one road that says, no exit.
4 I miss my friend and hope all is well. I have a call in the morning at 10 but will try her after that.

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Leonora said...

I could spend ALL my money at a farmer's market : ) It's shopping for clothes that presents a problem.