Monday, 2 September 2013

sneaking in, naptime, and mother nature

1 B takes three of us on a jaunt to Wallace Point which is on the naval base in Nanoose Bay. We walk up a lovely pathway that leads to the barb wired fencing that says no trespassing but we aren't deterred by that and it appears many others aren't either judging by the well worn pathway. We climb the hill, and around the fence and soon we are weaving our way to the tip of the point for some spectacular views of the ocean and little islands.

2 We both nap after we get home. Mr P sleeps almost 3 hours and is headache free when he wakes. Meantime I've had a quicker nap and have tea and pizza ready for him.
3 It's hard to believe that this old cat can still hunt but darn if she doesn't have yet another squirrel. Seriously though, they sit up in the tree and taunt her for hours on end. I suppose it's what nature looks like.

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