Monday, 16 September 2013

more tree stories, not a scratch, and no energy left

1 Mondays can be a challenge especially when the weather is turning colder and we want to be inside cozy and warm. But we rise to the occasion and head outside to get the pine needles and rogue branches cleaned up from our last tree cutting adventure. hmmm Mr P arrives without a rake and with the big chainsaw, safety climbing gear, earmuff and two ladders. Does this mean what I think it means? Yes it does and we take out another tree and prune many more.
2 I'm injury free! One big branch grazes my head but I have my hood on so it slides off nicely and I barely feel a thing.
3 We're so tired that we eat snacks for dinner. We'd been working from 10:30am with a short lunch break and finished just before 7pm. Now that's a long day.

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Leonora said...

That's the 'good' kind of long day.