Thursday, 12 September 2013

frog feasting, frog talk, what's that you say?, and oh dear

1 A productive morning with my coach. It's fun to go back to some ideas from a few months ago. One great saying is Eat the Frog. It means doing what is most unpleasant first so that you can cross it off of your list and focus on the good stuff. Lots of frog feasting gonna be going on next week!
2 The wee tree frogs make big sounds.They call back and forth to each other from the hot tub to the forest to the little spot by the front water feature. We are surrounded and serenaded.
3 The trees need to be taken care of. We prune, well he does and I instruct and advise where and how much. Some of my words he heeds and others fall on deaf ears. Okay so he had ear muffs on for noise control but still, I had my say.
4 Have I ever told you that I'm accident prone? My job is to hold the rope that is tied to the tree and make sure that they fall in the right direction. hmmmm What could go wrong? Well, I was a little excited to get this big mama down and in my excitement I stepped backwards and tripped on some branches and logs behind me. I couldn't see the where the tree was falling so I got up pretty fast! Okay I'm not moving so fast now, and my ego is as bruised as my body, but I'm alive and still accident prone!

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