Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

1 Sometimes words can't say what the heart feels. I love having both my sons near xo
2 Sara and I take a trip to the waterfront while Nick works out at the gym. She's intrigued by the sailboats, seaplanes and the lack of people. In China there are fees to enter any parks or waterfronts and would be packed with people. Here it's open spaces, fewer people, clean air and blue skies.
3 There are no dyers in China. Washing machines yes, but no dryers so Sara does laundry multiple times a day. She says that Bounce dryer sheets smell like Canada
4 He likes to have long showers where he lies in a few inches of water in  bath and lets the droplets hit his body. Water massage.
5 Time to get the yard watered and cleaned up
6 The heat comes to the island so we head to the water.

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