Friday, 19 July 2013

plans, fretting, pizza choice, and whoa

1 Nick and Sara are headed to the interior to spend time with the other side of his family. A week at a remote cabin on a lake then a week with his brothers family. Those little ones are eager to see their aunt and uncle.  After that they're back here with us for a few more weeks with us and possible a couple of families from China who may be coming to the island on vacation.
1a She's apprehensive about spending so much time without her connection to China or her cell but this could be a nice relaxing break.
2 She says that her favourite pizza joint is still Pizza Hut. It must be the stuffed crust and all the meat!
3 A shocker of an ending on the last episode of Game of Thrones. It caught me off guard and I even had a few tears. Strange, I rarely cry watching films. Must be my sensitive side <laughing out loud>

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