Friday, 5 July 2013


1 The mosquitoes and noseeums are feasting on us. We find solace inside and vow to kill every last one of them.
2 The greenhouse is replanted with more lettuce and the cucumbers and tomatoes are ripening nicely. It's all going according to the plan.
3 We take a short 3k walk early enough to avoid the heat.
4 He likes playing risk and rarely loses but when he does he rants about losing to a computer then smiles as he realizes what he's just said.
5 The blinds are up and there are just two panels to put up on the patio doors. Light brown sheers will do the trick quite nicely.
6 They are on their way. She texts me to let us know they're changing planes in Korea and will be landing tomorrow around noon. She sounds very excited.

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