Monday, 15 July 2013

Thursday through Monday

Holy, time has certainly flown by with the kids visiting us from China. Here's a few of the highlights.
1 Mr P flew out this morning. He will be home in a few weeks this time we hope for a good long time.
2 We head to the beach again and this time the tide is not kind to us. All the shells and sand dollars are hidden under water and the wind whips our faces but we take pictures and act very silly anyways.
3 The cat loves Sara and constantly climbs on the desk surprising her. Soon enough though our little cat is on her lap and quite at home there. It's amusing to watch cats pursue people who try to ignore them isn't it?!
4 They are shopping til they are dropping but it's all fun because they are buying small gifts, books and trinkets for their students. I'm imagining their little faces beaming with joy when they receive their items.
5 The Kelowna kids are busy with house hunting. Soon enough they will be in a new home and putting down roots.
6 There is hope for more editing jobs from the University where the kids once worked. I love editing. I think it's the instant or fairly instant gratification of making something better than good.
7 We create a list of things to do on the whiteboard and strangely enough it seems to be growing instead of shrinking! So nice to have a wide selection of things to do every day.
8  It's fun to try to show them or do new things every day. Sara is posting photos on her chinese chat program and is enjoying the feedback.
9 They sit in the back seat and I drive them around like a limo driver. Now that was fun!
10 A trip to Rathtrevor Beach and then ice cream in Coombs again!!! This time the favourite flavour by far is Root Beer Float.
11 We return to the beach we went to with MrP and it's sand dollar heaven! She fills a shopping bag with tons of them and will hopefully have them dried out enough to take back to China.
12 A work day with no one there but me means I can focus on my project and even though some other work was difficult to figure out with no one there to help me, eventually I figure it out.
13 A yacht is docked at the at marina and it is beyond huge. It is in the slip and takes up enough space for 10 or 12 regular sized yachts.
14 We walk along the seawall tonight enjoying the warm summer weather and the cool breeze from the sea. Nick enjoys a good workout at the gym!
15 Sara cooks authentic Chinese dishes for us for dinner tonight. Beef and green peppers, a tofu dish, steak and dumplings with pork and garlic. Deliciousness in every bite.

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