Wednesday, 12 June 2013

statues, no way to stay dry, and water

1 The photographer uses real models to mimic classic sculptures. The real twist is the clothing he puts on them. Very unique.
2 Our walking group heads out on a semi cloudy day for our weekly walk/hike. One km into the walk the skies open and we are hit with torrential rains. We all gather under trees and try to stay as dry as we can but that's impossible. Everyone is laughing as how silly we look.
3 The creek wasn't even noticeable on our way up but on the way down it's raging and almost covers the little bridge that we must cross. I suppose this is what is called a flash flood.

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Leonora said...

The clothed statues are mind boggling : ) I am amazed at the difference the clothing makes!
That's a beautiful photo of the rushing water. The woods look so lush and green.