Wednesday, 26 June 2013

home again

We spent the past few days with our son, his wife and two grandchildren. Is there anything more uplifting, loving and rejuvenating that having little ones around? Isabelle loves attention and this visit was no exception. She especially loves hiking with her Grampa. They get all dressed up and head out the front door, across the street and right up the mountain. Of course she has to stop for rocks, sticks, flowers and every other distraction. This one time he tells us he carried her up and down the mountain. She certainly had fun and still had energy to burn when they got home too. Kes of course is mister snugly. He was under the weather so much more snuggling was with his mom. He is mobile now so loves the chase me game and tickles too. Mom and Dad had lots to share and treated us to some delicious meals of chicken Parmesan and a sausage spaghetti. We're home now and it's back to reality. Nick and Sara are headed our way in 10 days and staying for 6 weeks. Not all with us but we'll take what we can get!

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Leonora said...

I love how summer brings more opportunities for visits with far away family. It's always a mad rush when they're all visiting. But I also like to sit and recount the special moments even after they've gone home : )