Thursday, 17 September 2015

eat this, more like myself, party on, and my darlings

1 I take the opportunity to actually make myself a "real" dinner; a pot of steamed baby potatoes and carrots and a green salad to go with it. I savour each bite knowing it's healthy nourishing food and tasty too.
2 My body and mind have been so exhausted from all the activities going on around me that it's been challenging to stay grounded and focused but tonight after an afternoon of puttering and resting I feel a bit more like "me."
3 My friend and I are planning to have an online business party. What a great opportunity to make new friends and help people get healthy too. Good times. More posts about this will be coming. I suspect we will have more than a few laughs to share.
3a I surprise the grandkidlets with a visit to their house today. Kes is busy on his ipad but Izzy comes a runnin' and launches herself into my arms. I miss them both so much and am determined to organize my work schedule so these two darlings can come for a sleepover. I need more hugs please.

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