Wednesday, 21 October 2015

hello my friends

Oh I'm missing you all so much... sometimes life just takes over and things take a back seat to others. Life is finally settling a bit so I am taking ME time and this is one of the very best things I can do for me. So sit back and relax, this might be a long post!!
1 Mr P has come and gone. He's working away so often that his time at home is invaluable. But fighting a cold means he's not up for as many adventures and so I work while he recovers.
2 Izzy and Kesler are happy kidlets these days it seems. They are both involved in school and are thriving. Kesler is in a program called Strong Start. This introduces children to organized play and structure. He has a designated Behavioural Interventionist who work with him to connect and communicate. And I'm happy to say he's making exceptional progress and aping words but every now and then he using it in context and that gets him great accolades and cheering. Izzy is in kindergarten and also has a worker with her. She is a lively girl and the days can be long for her but she's a trooper and doing great too.
3 Miss Tula scared the daylights out of me the other day. She brought in a LIVE vole. It's a creature that is like a mole but smaller and like a mouse but bigger. And of course she let it go inside the house. Needless to say, I can scream, and scream loud!!!
4 Izzy and her mom play with makeup and paints. I think Izzy will be an amazing leopard don't you?
5 Kesler is learning to read. He's recognizing the letters and when they're put together he can read, cat, dog, pig.
6 My business consumes a big part of my day now. I'm enjoying a few days of respite but then back to it.
7 As I do some fall cleaning up outside, I find 2 black widow spiders and a giant brown recluse!!! Although the easiest thing to do is to get a spray can of raid I think it's healthier to find a natural, organic solution. Please feel free to share yours here! Thanks in advance.

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Leonora said...

Ms. Izzy is growing into a beauty! We've never sprayed for Black Widows as they mostly seem to stay outside. I do squash them when I find them, though. They live right under my flower pots and rocks- a little too close for comfort.
I heard you scream all the way in Virginia with that vole... : )