Friday, 16 June 2017

windy, tiny gardens, helpers

1 The wind blows and blows fiercely. Our little town is getting battered after each windstorm. The beaches are eroding and emergency crews are working tirelessly to put things in place to stop things from going sideways even more.

2 Mr P and I have been doing a wee bit of gardening on our deck. Flowers of course but tomatoes and herbs. Parsley, dill, cilantro, basil, and oregano, are the plants we're hoping will be our big producers.

3 Little Miss Izzy and her mom are looking after pocket gophers. They found them while doing some yard work. Mommy rescued them and they're hand feeding , washing and looking after these wee critters until they can get them to a Wildlife Rehab Centre.

4 I love surprises! Today I found out that my rotation at work is extended for two more months!!! Yay me!

Monday, 12 June 2017

waiting game, grandkidlets, and flood zone

1 Our deck railings are in and now we wait for the glass panels. The colour we've chosen is black matte and its perfect with the house colour and deck. Now, it's all about patience.

2 I spent Saturday night with the grandkidlets. Their parents go to a movie so we have our own movie time along with DQ.  We snuggle in on the sofa and Izzy says to me, "Grama you smell so good. I love how you smell." Kesler on the other hand uses me as a spot to pile all of his stuffies !!

3 The lakes and creeks are still flooding here. The district and city have put all sorts of measures in place but roads have washed away, debris is everywhere and those who live close to the water table are using hoses and pumps to try to keep the water out of basements, driveways and yards. The city where we live has also put up giant orange bladders that are filled with water, and anchored to the street and beach with straps. It's expected that the water will continue to rise for another week and a half so here's hoping it's a light

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Floods, visits, and almost done

1 The lakes and river are at flood stage and affecting many people in the province. In our little town a major highway goes through and today the roads started collapsing despite the preventative efforts by the district. Here's hoping tomorrow brings less wind and rain and more sun and calm.

2  We had a short visit with the grandkidlets <3 Oh gosh I love them so. More to follow.

3 Our new glass panels are almost installed. Rails went on today and the panels (custom) in a week or so. Exciting!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Mr P, purples and pinks, and breakfast

1 Mr P has been having such a great time not working!!! He has been off since the beginning of December and quite frankly if given the opportunity would gladly be the "Best House Husband Ever" according to him.

2 The best plant I have at the moment is my fuschia. It's the ballerina variety and the colours pop! I think Miss Izzy is going to have fun with these :)

3 Decaf iced coffee with a banana muffin for breakfast. I'm lovin' my Weight Watchers point counting. I never feel deprived. Bonus, it's working, Details to follow.....if I feel brave enough.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

epiphany, lips, and cleaning fiends

1 I've had an experience. The kind that makes you look at life, at love, and at how we view ourselves and others in this crazy, upside down world of ours. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

2 My daughter in law got me hooked on LipSence. It's a fun lipstick addiction. The lipstick goes on in layers and it's supposed to stay on for days. Mine doesn't but then I'm a toucher, licker and generally need more coats but I love, love the colours. My favourites are Bella and Pink Champagne.

3 The wind storm last night brought copious amount of pollen! It is everywhere. It looks like our spring cleaning is getting a repeat performance! Love the smell of my cleaner though. It's Sapadilla. It's an all organic cleaner and the scent I prefer is grapefruit & bergamot.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Long Weekends

1 The week flies by even though I'm under the weather. It's tough working when you're unwell but they say I must, so I do.

2 The grandkidlets are off again. This time to the lake to visit with their other (make that third) grandpa. They love the outdoors and it's the perfect place for reading books, fishing, and campfires. I hope they are eating smores.

3 Mr P and I go exploring to Mabel Lake. It's about 2 hours away and it's lovely. The water is so smooth and clean and boats are relatively quiet. We checked out the resort but think we'd prefer the provincial campground. So that's next time.

4 Nick's 29th birthday. He's home for the first time in years so we have balloons, a sign and of course triple layer chocolate cake. Love having him here to share this day of celebration of him.

5 We napped today. Oh sweet naps, how I love you.

6 Mr P made flourless chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. Let me know if you'd like the recipe. They are (were) delish!

Friday, 12 May 2017

What we were up to.. just a bit

1 The storms and floods came and with a vengeance this week. It was sad to hear and see so many people out of their homes and with homes filled with water. The small creeks that meander through the city were the first to overflow their banks and now we are on another thunderstorm watch. Mr P and I are very thankful that we don't have water woes, our biggest threat is quite the opposite, fire.

2 The grandkidlets are still in California but head home tomorrow. Oh we miss then all so much and can't wait for next weekend sleepover...we hope.

3 The new juice press is perfect for morning juices. Currently our favourite is apple/carrot with a bit of turmeric and/or ginger. Great warm or cold.