Thursday, 19 October 2017

pillow, picture this, and sounds

1 Making a feather pillow with leftover feathers from a bed pillow.  Turns out that cat + wind = chaos, and a lot of hilarity. Half the feathers ended up in the forest and half made just one pillow!

2 What autumn looked like today: a big sweater, scarf, long pants and hot coffee. Oh and pumpkin, lots and lots of pumpkin spice!

3 The sounds of wind, rain, and wind chimes. Kitty nibbling on her dry food. The clock ticking. A quiet house.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

wake me up, big hug, ouch

1 Waking up after a night of dreaming that I keep waking up. What's real here?

2 Coming back after a hiatus of days off and getting a hug with meaning! Thanks Sam for the welcome back hug.

3 Green grass and excitement plus chair in the wrong place equals stubbed baby toe.

Friday, 6 October 2017

stormy weather, away again, and easy peasy

1 The morning started with a bright red sunrise which today was a great indication of what was to come. Overcast skies, blowing winds and now rain. The trees and flowers soak it up, readying for the next transition to winter.

2 Time goes slow and fast at the same time doesn't it? Mr P has had almost a year of time off of work. Oh he did odd  jobs here and there but truth be told the man was on vacation. He's up north now and on the 14/7 rotation again. But this time it's a much better fit. He's on his brother's crew and contemplating a career change from electrical to carpentry. I guess we will see where this goes soon enough.

3 Today, I deleted over 3000 fb friends. I had built up my friends list for my network marketing business. Friends technically but in reality they were business prospects not friends. I thought that I'd want to continue my posts and interactions with them but that waned pretty quickly. I wondered if I really needed validation from strangers and my answer was no. Now my friends list is people who I know in real life and who I am genuinely interested in. That was easy.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Another fire, dreamer, and brrrr

1 Woke up this morning to a fire across the lake from us. Started by humans and what a shame. Now it's 2 hectares and glowing in the night. The winds are quiet for the moment but that's the unpredictability of Mother Nature. I found this amazing photo on FB and thought it was worth sharing.

2 I spent the day quietly doing odds and ends. I thought about things I'd like to try and maybe a course or two that I'd like to take. I don't know quiet yet what I'll do but it's fun dreaming.

3 It's cold outside. People have gone from shorts and tshirts to boots and jackets in a heartbeat. I love fall. I think tomorrow it will be pumpkin spice coffee for me.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

all clear, school fun, and life

1 The smoke has finally cleared away and the skies are blue. After almost 3 months of smokey haze, coughs and irritations for a lot of folks, we are breathing clean air.

2 Great evening tonight at the kids school. Family Get to Know You BBQ. Izzy loved playing with her friends and Kes was happy on Grampa's lap with his burger and Iphone.

3 Thinking that people live such extraordinary lives. They just have to know that they do.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

your thoughts, moving, and I'm done

1 Mr P and I are working on the designs for our landscaping and are thinking of using "xeriscape plants". Does anyone have experience with this and what were your pros and cons?

2 Up at 5am because of the birds, at work from 730 to 130, home and a wee rest. Then we head to N's place and get his stuff all packed into the 1 tonne cube van and finally it's dinner at 9. Oh my bed never felt so soft and welcoming but truth be told, I was NOT ready to get up at 6am! N was very appreciative for everything. 

3 One last day in this rotation and then I go back to my casual status. What I appreciated was : a steady amount of work, seniority and a set schedule. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

packing, love them, and good grief

1 We spent two days packing up N's house in preparation for the move to his new home. It's big, bright, and beautiful. The girls will have their own rooms and bathrooms!!! Girl Power! Haha

2 I love how my sons always take the time to hug me goodbye. Even if they're busy, even in public, and even when they really don't want to. They do. Love my boys.

3 Hot coffee, hot flash, cold coffee, cold hands. Sheesh!!!

pillow, picture this, and sounds

1 Making a feather pillow with leftover feathers from a bed pillow.  Turns out that cat + wind = chaos, and a lot of hilarity. Half the feat...