Tuesday, 12 December 2017

coaching, placed just right, & happy birthday honey bear

1 We spend yesterday morning together meeting Russ's new coach. It's the perfect mix. They hit it off right away and Mr P starts an 8 week course of coaching to help him to find his purpose.

2 He surprised me with a beautifully placed red star light!

3 It's our Kesler's 6th birthday today!!! Such a great kid, lots of growth and big love. We are headed to his house for cake and presents tonight so I will post more tomorrow.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

tree time, memories, and hindsight is 20/20

1 The Christmas tree went up yesterday but not lights or decorations. Just up. There was just not enough time for it before work. Truth be told, I was just glad it was up. Today it's a different story, it's all lit and decorated.

1a As we are putting the tree in it's spot, Mr says to me, "I think there are too many lower branches on this side." Of course being me, I need to have it all decorated first and then we cut and trim. Oh ya, we trimmed and he liked being able to give me the "I told you so" look. I don't mind, it's exactly as I like it.

2 He put the song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" onto the stereo and we listen to a remix. It elicits both happy, exciting and yet sad memories for me. I think it's the longing in the song that is so poignant to me.

3 The flu is making the rounds in each household. I really should have bought shares in Kleenex and ginger ale, oh and yes Tylenol, Advil and the ever popular cough and cold remedies. Get well soon lovies.

Friday, 8 December 2017

bush date, party time, and you know it

1 Mr P and I went on a bush date yesterday. Up into the hills behind our sleepy little town we found a logging road or two and ended up finding two little trees perfect for us and Nick and his students. The snow was pure white, and soft. As we wandered in the trees we saw giant snow piles on branches and had fun trying to knock it onto each others heads! H used his hands, I used me feet to topple the snow down.

2 Staff Christmas parties. What to say except dang it was fun! Mr P came with me which was a nice surprise. We socialized, played some pool, and ate a $22 hamburger! Were we crazy????

3 She has my back and I have hers. Some days you just need to know it.

Monday, 4 December 2017

the bug, can't decide, and lucky shot

1 This flu kicked me to the curb. I'm fighting back, well, actually resting and fluids and making my way back to human status.

2 The snow fell in huge flakes, but it didn't stay long on the ground. Winter seems a bit undecided this year.

3 I reached down with my camera and just clicked and this was the photo I took. I kinda like this methodology of photography.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Oh how interesting, Kesler, and win or lose

1 She looked me up and down, said I looked "slight", and then proceeded to give me a Christmas orange.

2 Kesler is learning to identify his facial parts. He looks says, two, then points one at a time to each eye and says two eyes. Big milestone for our guy. He's turning six soon too!

3 My knitting is slow and steady. Will I win the race and have it finished on time?

Monday, 6 November 2017

early winter, gkids, Sunday dinner, and opportunity is knocking

1 The winds and snow came early this year. Really early. The arctic flow came down hard on us. The snow accumulated and became icy faster than anyone expected.  And then, after days of cold and wind and rain, the sun came back this afternoon and melted away bits of snow. I think winter is going to retreat.
1a The grandkidlets loved being in the hot tub with snow and icicles. Yup, there's nothing quite like snow and hot water! Kesler really didn't want his bare feet to touch the snow but wanted 'swimming' more. That kid is fast!!! Izzy spent her time underwater.

2 We had 11 for dinner last night,  our family and our Chinese friends came for Sunday dinner.  It was kinda like a trial run for Christmas. Mr P cooked roast beast and I did the veggies and for dessert, gluten free brownies and ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce.

3Our youngest son has the opportunity to go to Dubai for FREE for 10 days at Christmas break. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. Will he take it?

Sunday, 29 October 2017


Everyone has their own path.
Walk yours with integrity and wish all others peace on their journey.
When your paths merge rejoice for their presence in your life.
When the paths are separated, return to the wholeness of yourself.
Give thanks for the footprints left on your soul, and embrace the time to journey on your own.