Friday, 18 August 2017

For sale, sold, talk, solved

1 A few years back we made the decision to buy a camper with the intention of having Mr P use it for a work home, and to camp but let's be real here. We hardly used it and it has been a lot of work for him to put it on and off, store, fix, etc, etc. We had a great trip with it to the coast and that was a good last hurrah. The best laid plans right?

1a The phone rings at 630am with the first person looking to see the camper.  So Mr P continues his morning of topsoil hauling and I emptied and cleaned out the camper. By 11 it was sold.

2 Thinking about how we talk to people and how they talk to us. It isn't easy to say no, but when you have to, well dammit you have to. I'm sitting here shaking my head and wondering why it is that people think that if they can talk a bit angrier and louder and expect a different result. Seriously?

3 And then the next day we see each other and we both speak a few kind words, and,  it's over. Just like that.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Trip to the Sunshine Coast

1 I think the last time I went away was last October. It was time. We packed up the camper and of we went to see the sea and go exploring.

2 We have discovered that we like playing cards. Mr P and I had a few matches and discovered that coffee and Bailey's either make the games go faster or slower depending on how much you've had!!

3 Waterfalls, trails, campsites, and amazing food. Yes, we did it all.

Monday, 24 July 2017

now and then, friends, change, and success

1 Every now and then, if we're lucky we get an opportunity to look inside of ourselves. To be introspective and to see what's real. The raw parts really. The part of you that is alive.

2 Our dear friends are visiting for a few days. This morning G and I take time to sit on a park bench and just talk. My heart is filled with deep gratitude for my friend and for her big heart.

3 Hair cut and colour, new glasses and a new me. I kinda like these new changes, which is funny for someone who sometimes struggles with change.

4 I struggle with my outward appearance. I always have. So it was a pretty big deal when I put on a bathing suit and put up my hair and went on the water slides. I heard two things that day. From Mr P, "Why don't you just forget about what other people think and enjoy the day." And from Nick, " I'm happy you were able to feel confident enough to do something that made you uncomfortable."

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

NVC, Saturday plans, gardening, and swimming

1 When we started our journey into NVC (NonViolentCommunication) we were looking for ways to communicate better between ourselves. We knew that we struggled with the bits and pieces when we talked and often our discussions would go off the rails. It's tough when that happens and it's often what leads to bitterness, resentment and a struggling relationship. We were tired of that. Seriously, tired of being on that merry go round. We started doing the work, both at our own pace. We have stumbled and failed, we have succeeded and celebrated. Our efforts are paying off. We are still a work in progress but we're connecting and creating the magic. We are able to look inside and now outside of ourselves and see the needs and requests versus the complaints and judgement. It's what we needed, it's what we need.

2 Izzy and Kesler are coming for a sleepover. Oh gosh, these two just melt my heart. Grampa will be headed to a First Aid course all day on Saturday so I'm on kid duty and then going to pick up Nick and his two Chinese Summer Students. Should be a fun weekend.

3 This morning it was time to thin the marigolds that we planted earlier this spring. Izzy's are softer leaves and are a lovely mellow yellow flower that looks like baby sunflowers. She's going to love seeing her garden blooming. Kes will most likely just want "swimming" and that's just fine too.

Monday, 3 July 2017

what we did, what we grew, and milestone

1 It's the long weekend here in Canada. Mr P and I enjoyed dipping our feet in the water at our freinds cabin at Twin Lakes, BBQ'd home made burgers and watched fireworks with our son Nick. The grandkidlets were with mom and dad doing their own BBQ and they built the sweetest fire pit and made 'smores in their own backyard.

2 Our marigolds are taking off. We wondered whether they would even grow at all given they were in a kit! But, they're doing well and need transplanting. It's hot here now, so we probably will have to repot early, and I do mean early in the morning to beat the heat. I like the ones called Lulu's. Light yellow and little flowers that are kinda lacy looking

3 Kesler is reaching milestones. Big ones. I now truly understand the statement, "It takes a village" Yes it does.

Friday, 16 June 2017

windy, tiny gardens, helpers

1 The wind blows and blows fiercely. Our little town is getting battered after each windstorm. The beaches are eroding and emergency crews are working tirelessly to put things in place to stop things from going sideways even more.

2 Mr P and I have been doing a wee bit of gardening on our deck. Flowers of course but tomatoes and herbs. Parsley, dill, cilantro, basil, and oregano, are the plants we're hoping will be our big producers.

3 Little Miss Izzy and her mom are looking after pocket gophers. They found them while doing some yard work. Mommy rescued them and they're hand feeding , washing and looking after these wee critters until they can get them to a Wildlife Rehab Centre.

4 I love surprises! Today I found out that my rotation at work is extended for two more months!!! Yay me!

Monday, 12 June 2017

waiting game, grandkidlets, and flood zone

1 Our deck railings are in and now we wait for the glass panels. The colour we've chosen is black matte and its perfect with the house colour and deck. Now, it's all about patience.

2 I spent Saturday night with the grandkidlets. Their parents go to a movie so we have our own movie time along with DQ.  We snuggle in on the sofa and Izzy says to me, "Grama you smell so good. I love how you smell." Kesler on the other hand uses me as a spot to pile all of his stuffies !!

3 The lakes and creeks are still flooding here. The district and city have put all sorts of measures in place but roads have washed away, debris is everywhere and those who live close to the water table are using hoses and pumps to try to keep the water out of basements, driveways and yards. The city where we live has also put up giant orange bladders that are filled with water, and anchored to the street and beach with straps. It's expected that the water will continue to rise for another week and a half so here's hoping it's a light