Friday, 29 May 2015

mouser, get inside, affirmations, ouchie, smell, and two

1 Miss Tula is exhausted after catching some mice. She's growing side to side these days and now we know why. Mr P even takes a video of her playing with it. Poor thing.
2 She really wants to be outside at night but with the coyotes and other creatures out there it is not a good idea at all. 
3 Mr P and I share good the concept of affirmations. We try to have a short chat but it morphs a bit longer and we just go with it.
4 My hands are hurting and I'm going back to using some pain relief for them. I know the specific feeling that tells me that the bumps are growing. 
5 The rain smells like rain. Fresh, clean and refreshing.
6 Sitting side by side, just doing our own thing.

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